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Managed IT Services

Technology impacts every phase of your business.  If it isn’t working, neither are you.


Managed IT Services provide proactive IT support for your business. It changes the typical, “call when there’s a problem” IT support into an IT strategy that helps you achieve your business goals.


Advisory Technology Solutions will work with you to assess and develop a strategic technology plan. During the review, we'll look at your existing systems, computers, networks, and processes. Then we will identify ways to increase efficiency, productivity, and create a plan for proactive maintenance to keep your business running smoothly.


Next, we will look at where you want your business to go. Then build a strategic technology plan to help you get there. That could include implementing a new system, adding a network, or changing a strategy to better incorporate the latest technology.


Best of all, Advisory Technology Solutions offers Managed IT Services at a low, flat rate. You know the cost each and every step of the way. If you need additional services, you’ll know the price before the project begins. Managed IT Services lets you leverage the latest technology and IT Services for a competitive advantage.


Cyber-Security Services and Computer Network Security

According to a recent study, 60% of all businesses fail after a cyber-attack, because of a lack of computer network security.


Advisory Technology Solutions offer a cutting-edge computer security service based on the latest technology and industry best practices. That security starts by aligning your business goals with your IT strategy.


Computer network security isn’t just buying a product, it requires a proactive approach to security. You need to identify and mitigate the risks specific to your business. The goal is to provide you the right computer network security, so you can focus on your core business.


You can be sure Advisory Technology Solutions has the right computer security service tools for your needs, including antivirus solutions, web filtering ,content control, firewalls, perimeter security, and software updates.

Business Continuity and Corporate Data Backup

Your business doesn’t stop when problems or disasters happen.


Business continuity provides contingency and disaster recovery planning for your business. The goal is to plan for problems beforehand, so your business can stay running no matter what happens. The work done in business continuity planning can save your business time and prevent further loss if failure occurs.


Advisory Technology Solutions will conduct audits of your data backup systems to ensure they are working properly. With corporate data backups, your business can be rapidly up and running after a problem. Additional services like virtualization and off-site standby backup systems, can also help reduce risk and downtime for your business. 


Business continuity and corporate data backups can also cover equipment failures, data loss, facility and operational security, as well as email security.

Risk Intelligence, Compliance, and Regulations

Today, businesses' most valuable asset is data.


Risk intelligence identifies your data that is at-risk. The security experts search for vulnerabilities to breach, and then tighten your security with a targeted plan that eliminates or reduces those vulnerabilities.  


For businesses working in heavily regulated industries, including healthcare and finance, a data breach can put the company at risk for compliance issues and potentially massive fines. A risk intelligence assessment can not only help prevent a data breach but save the business and protect your customers.

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